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Have you ever watched the music video of Anthony Wong (黃耀明) called “Lost” (下落不明) or have you ever seen  Eason Chan’s album in 2008? It is not surprised that you will see many colorful graphics in the music video or in the album which can easily catch people’s attention.

In fact, all these comics arts are drawn by a local illustrator, called Stella, So Man Yee. Stella was borned in Hong Kong in 1977 and she works and lives in Hong Kong too. Stella started making animations when she studied graphic design. Since graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication (Design) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, She won the First Prize of The 8th Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards (ifva) with her seven-minute “Very Fantastic” (好鬼棧), which expressed her thoughtful feelings to the living space in Hong Kong. After graduation, she worked for a lifestyle magazine for two years, drawing illustrations for articles. By chance, she started to work on the new comic series, “HK Powder” published in her weekly column in Milk. In 2005, at the i-city Festival of the HKAC, she released the animation “Lonely Moon Tram” (龍門大電車). Nowadays, she often holds art exhibition, publishes graphic novels and draws illustrations for advertisements.

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One unique characteristic of her art work is that they are all about Hong Kong. It is because Stella So wants to express her experiences of living in Hong Kong, and in particular her concerns about the rapid modernisation of the city and the loss of its historical architectural landscape by using a range of mediums including illustration, comics and animation. One of her famous graphic novels is  City of Powder — the disappearing Hong Kong.

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Here is a video for you to familiar with the background of Stella So.

If you want to know more about Stella So or you feel interested in her art work, you can visit her website and blog for more information!!!!

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